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Map of Rh B network
     Switzerland (Confederatio Helvetica) - is a relatively small country located in central Europe, covering area of 41,285 square kilometers. Mountains make up 70% of Switzerland and the Alps occupy south and central regions of the country. The highest mountain is Monte Rosa (4,634 meters) but Matterhorn (4,478 meters) is the best known.

     The Swiss confederation is made up of 23 cantons; 3 are subdivided for total of 26. The canton of Graubunden (a.k.a. Grisons) is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland with neighboring Austria to the East and the Italian border to the South. Chur is the capital city of Graubunden, Switzerland's largest canton at 7,106 square kilometers. Chur is also the administrative center of one of Switzerland's best-known narrow (one-meter) gauge railways, the Rhätische Bahn (Rh B).

     RhB operates a 375 km long meter gauge track network with over 115 tunnels, 485 bridges and maximum gradient of 4.5%. It provides a frequent and reliable year around passenger and goods service throughout the Canton.

     Rolling stock used by the RhB is as varied as one would expect to find on a railway with over 110 years of service; 3 steam engines (G 3/4, G 5/6), 53 electric locomotives (Ge 4/4 I, II, III, Ge 6/6 I, II, Ge 2/2, Ge 2/4), 2 dual-power locomotives (Gem 4/4), over 40 powered railcars, 350 passenger coaches and nearly a thousand goods wagons.

Rhätische Bahn main network time-line
Line Construction Started Line Opened
Landquart - Klosters 1888 1889
Klosters - Davos 1888 1890
Landquart - Thusis 1894 1896
Reichenau - Ilanz 1898 1903
Thusis - St. Moritz 1898 1804
Castione A. - Cama 1905 1907
Samedan - Pontresina 1906 1908
Davos - Filisur 1906 1909
St. Moritz - Tirano 1906 1908-10
Ilanz - Disentis /Muster 1910 1912
Bever - Scuol - Tarasp 1909 1913
Chur - Arosa 1912 1914
Klosters - Susch - Lavin (Vereina) 1991 1999
Rhätische Bahn
Bahnhofstrasse 25
CH-7002 Chur
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