RhB Locomotive Ge 4/4 I
Technical Information
Wheel arrangement Bo' Bo'
Maximum speed 75 km/h (now 80 km/h)
Tractive effort on start 142 kN
Tractive effort 90 kN
Output per hour at the wheel 1,176 kW
Number of traction motors 4 (type 8 SW 570)
Current and voltage 11,000 V AC, 16 2/3 cycles per second
Weight 47.0 t
Length over buffers 12,100 mm
Height N/A
Width 2,650 mm
Wheelbase N/A
Bogie wheelbase 2,500 mm
Wheel diameter 1,070 mm
Built by SLM Winterthur, BBC and MFO
All units were rebuilt in 1986-91

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