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TGV Duplex at Lyon
  • Here is our chariot, the first generation TGV PSE (Paris Sud-Est), ready to depart Paris on a long journey south to the French Riviera. Not all of the trackage between Paris and Narbone (our destination) was built for high speed travel but there are some sections where the full potential of this train becomes obvious. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • Two of the original TGV PSE sets, one still wearing the old orange scheme, meet at Paris Gare-de-Lyon station. The standard configuration for these (PSE) sets is 1 power car at each end with 8 trailers in between. Often, two sets are coupled together for a total seating capacity of 700. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • A train comprised of two TGV PSE sets is arriving at Paris Gare-de-Lyon station. Right from the early design stages of France's new high speed train in the mid-'70's, it was decided that provisions be made for running multiple sets. Automatic couplers are hidden behind a retractable nose cone. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • Class 7200 electric locomotive of the French national railways is leading a set of articulated passenger cars. After a brief stop, the train is departing Narbone station southbound on a hot October afternoon. (October 2000)
  • Photo by Tom Matys (Europe 2000) -- Copyright © 1999-2005 Iron Road Productions
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