trains à grande vitesse   TGV
There are five distinct TGV versions within the SNCF fleet.
  • TGV PSE (Paris Sud-Est) Built 1978-1985
  • TGV La Poste Built 1981-1984
  • TGV Atlantique Built 1989-1992
  • TGV Réseau Built 1992-1996
  • TGV Duplex Built 1995-1997
TGV Duplex at Lyon
  • Hourly high speed train service between Lyon and Paris is provided by the TGV Duplex seen here departing Lyon for an early morning northbound trip. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • Immediately upon the train's arrival in Paris, the windshield and headlights get a good cleaning to remove the many casualties (bugs and birds) that were too slow getting out of the way of this speeding bullet. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • The bi-level TGV Duplex features an aircraft-like interior which can be seen in this photo. Pictured here is the 1st class lower level featuring three spacious seats across and folding (laptop) tables. The whole passenger area is decorated in a rather unexciting selection of dark fabrics, plastics and carpeting. (October 2000)
  • TGV Duplex at Paris
  • This is what it looks like at Paris's main train station during a typical morning rush hour. TGV train sets of all types are bringing mostly business people from across the country to the French capital. (October 2000)
  • Photo by Tom Matys (Europe 2000) -- Copyright © 1999-2005 Iron Road Productions
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